What Is an Online Marketing Course


What is Online Marketing

Online marketing can be anything from affiliate marketing or linking customers to a companies’ website or good to actually selling a product through drop shipping. Don’t worry if I lost you already I will go over what those are in further discussion and posts, for now lets look at what actually the course is!

What is an Online Marketing Course?

The purpose of a course or paying for one would be to help guide you. Now I know what you are thinking, you don’t have a lot of money if any to go wasting on expensive courses!

That is okay I was the exact same way when I started I searched through YouTube only to find these payed courses that never would deliver.

That was when I found Wealthy Affiliate. I highly reccmoend to try as many courses as you can as what worked for me might not work for you. But my recommendation with Wealthy Affiliate spans from a few key points.

1. Community

Whenever you have a question on the site there are thousands of people in a live chat waiting to help you.

2. Courses

While being a free member you are restricted you also still have access to the courses. This courses have lead many in the comunity to make thousands a month!

3. Free Account

Yes there is a free account! while there is a paid Premium mebership there is also a free which more than enough will set you up with a website that will help learn about affiliate marketing. Listed below is a little comparision chart for you to know what you will get with free and Preimuim if you chose


What I Can Offer You

To start off i can offer you a disount on the Preimum for the first month to only be $19!

OR the free account if you just want to try it out for FREE!