The Six Figure Mentors Program VS Wealthy Affiliate

Introductory content.

What is Six Figure Mentors Program

The Six Figure Mentors  programs is a little more expensive then your everyday affilate marketing traing site. Costing upwords of $2,500 makes you really guess is it  worth is.

This program offers one of the top training programs that lead to me making thousands a month. But at what cost?

This has taken months to understand and learn from the programs but just like a snowball once it starts rolling it doesnt stop with making money!

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How much does it cost

Like i said previosly this isnt the cheapest program.

I can offer a free trial as i understand most of us cant just spend thousands of dollars. This free trial can help you setup a good foundation and idea of how much you can really make !

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What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is another affiliate marketing porgram that offers at a cheaper cost. This was the webstie that i started on and was able to gain most of my knowledge for FREE!

One of the big reasons for startes wealthy affilaite is a better option is the community.

No just like anything this site isnt a “get rich quick” solution and will require a lot of hardwork but it does pay off.

The training also at Wealthy Affiliate will help provide a fantastic base to create a online carreer. Traning programs were developed to guide you through setting up your website all the way to making social media and driving traffic.

How much does it cost

I can offer a disount to get your first month for only $19!

Which is better