Review of The Complete 2018 Hands-on Affiliate Marketing Course

This will be my thought and oponions after going through and using the gained knowledge from The Complete 2018 Hands-on Affiliate Marketing Course.

The Complete 2018 Hands-on Affiliate Marketing Course

Overall this course from udemy is a fairly competitive price for $11.99. With only being 5 hours long it seems that there isnt alot of necessary time to be put aside. 

What the course will go over

  • Identify your Target Market and research their online activity and profile to define the most relevant needs and problems.

  • Come up with list of relevant keywords to tackle those problems with keyword research for further SEO purposes.

  • Dominate platforms with affiliate programs like Clickbank, Shareasale, Commision Junction and others

  • Pick products and services to promote to your target audience based on the already established ground of what they really need.

  • Craft a solid value proposition to appeal to a them in a deep and understanding fashion and differentiate yourself from other affiliate marketers.

  • Create and affiliate site with the right channels of distribution to reach a high number of prospects.

  • Create your own landing or squeeze pages with a simple drag and drop procedure

  • Maximize the efficiency of signup forms, optin boxes and popups to increase the amount of subscribers

  • Write and test different subject lines for maximum impact and open rates

  • Master the art of writing your own email copy in under 5 minutes

Some reviews

Compared to others this course has a 4.5 ranking out of 5 with over 6,000 enrolled students.

While the majorty of the reviews are 4 and 5 there are some poor rated 1 star. Listed below are a mixture of reviews 

Do i reccomend it

All and all i do reccomend the course. Taking as many courses as you can for as cheap as possible when you start will help you out. While personally i use weathyl affiliate and strongly believe in the free course i think options are great as well.