How to make money online as a teenager

I wanted to start this off saying it is easier to make thousands of dollars now then it was 5 years ago. These strategies I am going to talk about have helped me make thousands of dollars and helped me buy a house and my dream car at 19 i only wish i started sooner. A quick disclamer as well you wont start off making $4,000 a month like i am but with hard work you can get there! 

Step 1:The product

Find a simple house hold item. This can be anything from a tortillia to toilet paper. 

Step 2: Website

You can use something like shopify to create a website to help you sell thoes products. You can also use a affiliate course website such as click funnels or Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about how to sell and make a website.

Step 3: Making Money

This can be done with Pay Pal or some sort of way to caputre money coming in.

Step 4: White Label

This can be done with dropshipping or sellig on a website.