How to Make a Free Website Selling Things

Hello Daniel here, 

Today we are going to be answering your questions of “How to Make a Free Website Selling Things” and “How To Make a Free Website”

How to make the website

Making a website in 2019 is a lot easier than making a website in 2010. This can be done with tools such as word press, wix, and many more. Infant this website you are looking at right now was created with word press. I was also able to easily make this website through training I received through my free Wealthy Affiliate account.

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How to sell things on that site

One of the most common ways to sell on a website is through affiliate marketing. Your next question probably is what actually is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be done with Amazon, Nike, GymShark, Beach body and many more.

This is just a very basic overview because honestly most of the learning for these types of products and courses are most efficiently taught through actual courses such as the Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I know what you are thinking and while there is a paid version or Premium there is also a completely free version of the training program that will help you set up that affiliate marketing website for FREE.