How to do affiliate marketing free?

Listed below are the steps you can follow to do affiliate marketing for  free.


This is the building blocks of affiliate marketing. A Niche is the market that you will be targeting for your business. My advice is to pick something you are pationate about becuase you will find it easier to keep working. A Niche can be anything from Fitness and weightloss or Music.

Start a Youtube Channel

While it may be scarry to post videos on youtube this is one of  the truelly free options. These videos can be shot on your phone that can reach thousands of people. Another concern you may have is being on camera which is false. You can do a voice over.

Creating a Website

Without a course it is seamingly impossible to create a website. With websites such as Wealthy affiliate offering free courses and websites were the tool that actually helped me start. For most websites if they are done externally or without the help of a course you can find yourself paying around  $80.

Join the Affiliate Program 

One of the easiest programs to get  into is the amazon affiliate program. This is a free program that allows you to take a link and apply it to a website or youtube video to a product such as headphone or  the new iphone.

Create Content

For a youtube channel you want to be creating videos. If you make a website you want to make blogs. For youtube videos creating say a review video for something you have an affiliate link on amazon for. Make sure to mentione in the video that there are affiliate links in the description that way people know. one of the frases i usually use is “hey, if you want to get  the lowest price on these headphones check out the link below”