How to affiliate marketing blog

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple affiliate marketing is a way to promote a service to customers that drive them to companies who will pay you!

Some of the biggest business use affiliate marketing too such sa Nike Apple and more! Just by searching around a little im sure you will find all sorts of sucess stories including mine of how i went from a college student trying  to make extra money to buying my dream car! 

How much can you make? 

It will sound cliche but the sky is the limit. Here are just a few example of people making thousands just in a month! 

Yes it will take time there is no one trick that has helped me to now make over $2,000 a month just from Wealthy Affiliate. 

How to make the blog

Starting off i followed a website called Wealthy Affiliate to teach me the basics of how to create a blog and how to drive sucessful traffic.

The reason why i am going to reccomend Wealthy Affilaite is not because i make money from it or anything its becasue honestly the traning and community. I remember over a year ago starting  off not knowing what to do and being bombarded on youtube by all these stories of how people made $5,000 a month but not really telling you. 

Wealthy affiliate supplied me with a free account that i could get off the ground running . They held your hand just enough by suppying free accounts with 2 FREE websites and traninig. Here below is a comparision chart as yes there is as well a paid account. 

If the paid account is too much thats okay i can offer a free promotion to get the first month for only $19!

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This is just an exapmle of some of the trainng that is offered at Wealthy Affiliate