Can i make money in affiliate marketing?

When i first started out one of the biggest questions that i developed was “Can i make money with affiliate marketing”. It seemed like there was no inbbetween we all hear of these big names such as Tai Lopez making millions. We all need to remeber there are reasons on why Tai was able to create so much money and these multiple sources of income.

What i did to make money with affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate is the tool that guided me to make money. I first started this journey 2 years ago broke and constantly looking at what i want to buy. I would actually look at Lamborghini’s every day just dreaming that one day they would fall into my lap. Then after reasearching ways to make money i came across this site Wealthy Affiliate.

One of the best parts of this site is that they create a community that helped guide me on my path. Wealthy Affiliate also provided some guidence through courses that made it easy to understand everything from creating a website to making money off that site.

While this site does offer a paid version the free version is what i used to start actually making money and didnt invest money till i felt confident. I will include a few links to get you started !

This is the website!

This is a link to get the Premium for over $10 off!