Affiliate Marketing For a Beginner


What is Affiliate Marketing

The simple definition is that you directly link a customer to a Affiliate offer. What this means is you capture an audience via Youtube, Facebook or other social media then foward them to a landing page such as this website. Finally you would foward them to an affiliate offer to say Amazon to get a good deal while making money.

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Is Affiliate Marketing easy for Beginner’s?

Yes! Just like anything in life if you try you can do anything. I started my carrer when i turned 19 as i got sick of not making alot of money or dreaming of one day buying a house or expensive car. I stumbled across some youtube videos and found this site Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate for me was a tool that transformed my life. I always heard on youtube you need so much money to start but that s the good thing about Wealthy Affiliate you can start with no money and start making money. While there is a paid account i was able to make my first $100 with just the free account and trainings.

Listed below is everyhting you can get with the free account

What i can offer you

I can help you get off your feet with a deal to save money off your first month at wealthy affiliate with this link.


If you would rather start off by creating a free account that would be great as well. The imporant thing is that you start today and create that dream you have !